Our rates are easy to understand. We charge a flat rental rate which includes everything listed under What's Included. Our rates are either for a Saturday night (our highest cost) or a non-Saturday night (all the same).  Sometimes we have seasonal pricing or hourly pricing since some events don't fit neatly into a matrix.  We will give you a precise cost based upon the details of your event once we hear from you.  In the meantime, here's a good range. 


Evening:  $3750 (non-Saturday) - $5250 (Saturday)

12 hours (noon-midnight) every day other than Sunday (2 pm-midnight). Additional time available for a fee.


Daytime:  hourly rate, 5-hr. minimum


A 50% deposit and contract secure a date.





what's included?  A Lot.

  • Interior Space:  1 large hall, 1 dressing room with full bathroom, galley catering area, front hallway.
  • Outdoor Space: 3 distinct areas:  elevated and covered front courtyard, park courtyard and side deck.
  • Curated Vendors: Large list of approved vendors to help and a process to screen capable new vendors
  • Decorative Lighting:  Colored LED ceiling and down lighting, interior and exterior string lighting.
  • Sound: House system accessible to bands and DJs.
  • Video projection on our while plaster walls.
  • Host insurance: $1 mm policy with host liquor liability.
  • Management: We call them pilots to the plane, facilities experts
  • Parking Director:  We direct you to the parking. 
  • Parking:  No additional cost for evening or weekend events.
  • Little things:  cleaning, taxes, processing fees
  • Time:  Time is money we've heard and our simplicity save a lot.