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Please give us just a bit of info about your event!  If you could at minimum let us know (1) the type of event you’re planning, (2) preferred date(s), and (3) anticipated number of attendees, we can be much more detailed and helpful in our response.  Thanks for doing the legwork!

We always respond to emails within 24 hours. If you don’t hear back, call us!

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Packages at Ruby?

We struggled with this one too – because packages can make you look corporate-y and one-size-fits-all, which Ruby certainly isn’t.  But, there is one way to give hosts the convenience of a bundled event solution with the customization of a true Ruby event.  And that is to have a custom Kit.  (By calling it a Kit, we feel a bit better about going the package route.)  Why go with a Kit?   Sure it’s easy, but it’s also a less expensive way to go and you don’t lose any of the customization of building everything on your own.  How does it work?  Call us and we can build a package for you in short order!