Ruby is Nashville's original urban boutique event venue, and is a jewel.  She has a distinct industrial, mid-century design style, a minimalist perfection.  And at some point in the search, a relief from the venue cacophony.  With us, it is always about the architecture and design.  Translated to events, this art gallery approach enables our clients to design to their specifications. 


Ruby's historic structure is comprised of exposed brick and beautifully formed concrete, an open truss ceiling and the superb translucent plaster walls.  The Urban Land Award honored Ruby with its Design Award of Excellence for her architectural and design quality and thoughtful integration with her park and neighborhood environs.


Ruby is beneficiary of a wonderful neighborhood and green space location.  Ruby is an anchor for the vibrant and historic Hillsboro Village neighborhood.  Much of Ruby's appeal derives from the surrounding Dragon Park, which serves as a backdrop for Ruby's outdoor courtyards.  


Ruby is the smaller relative to Clementine (located in the LOTTE District of Charlotte Avenue between the Sylvan Park and Nations neighborhoods). Since 2011 we have hosted the events that one might imagine in our fast-growing Nashville - weddings, music, corporate and charitable groups.



We're an architectural gem, and one that was designed solely as a venue.   Such. Beautiful. Simplicity. We eliminate the fundamental venue dilemma - choose a venue that is safe but institutional or inspiring yet raw.  Ruby is an old beauty with surprising vigor.




A la carte events are not more difficult to plan than those all-inclusive.   We make bespoke easy.  Break the event mold;  it will be okay.


Broad vendor latitude married with thoughtful curation.  It's a balance we don't see elsewhere.  It's how we maintain a good measure of freedom while keeping events in good form.  Your event will be an original boutique experience.




We're located within a Nashville park.  The outdoors defines most events here and has always played a significant part in our events, as we hope it will with yours.  The outdoors makes all events better - and you don't have to drive to the countryside.