THE parts

ruby room

You can also call it our private green/dressing room and courtyard. One accesses the other through a wall of glass doors.  Full bathroom with shower and other necessary prepatory accoutrements.  Often difficult to leave its simple comfort.  Adjoining service galley with ice maker and commercial sink.

OTHER areas

The front plaza is a split-level entry and functional area. Frequently a site for a red carpet and photographer, guest check-in and wedding send-off.  The front vestibule/ hallway accesses four private baths and two coat areas/ seating alcoves that double as window displays for creatives. 

our capacity



Our maximum.  Best for reception style.


130 / 200

Table seated:

inside / inside + outside.


75 - 175

Typical Ruby size,  hard to go astray.


200 / 75

Maximum indoor ceremony or theater / maximum outdoor (non-park) ceremony.

park courtyard

Well, because it's surrounded by the park on all sides. Lit in a perfectly dappled sort of way that you have to experience to appreciate.  Often used for food stations and bars.  Stairs front a frequent pull in spot for food trucks. Connects to the Deck for a change of scenery.


Running the full length of Brash Hall, the Deck is accessible through four custom 12-foot mahogany doors. Buffered by maples and tall grasses, it is a prime cocktail reception or dining spot.  Throw decorative lighting on the side of the building and you really have something.


Everything revolves around the main room, Brash Hall, a hub-and-spoke layout that favors those who don't like to be trapped in one space. Park views in all directions and abundant natural light. Brash Hall retains its soaring industrial wood and steel truss ceilings, hardwood floors and masonry construction. Enhanced with true plaster walls, audio, video and decorative lighting.

TREEHOUSE courtyard

Elevated in the trees, and hence its name, the Treehouse Courtyard is one of three outdoor areas that surround Brash Hall, which in turn are surrounded by Dragon Park.  The Treehouse Courtyard may be the most dramatic.  It's where you can see all, but not be seen. From here, you look upon the front facade of Ruby with its 15-foot doors.  Covered for sun and rain and walled in winter for year around use.  String lighting standard.